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About & Mission.


Launch is a community and coworking space based in Winnipeg. Our emerging network of unique, talented, and creative individuals makes Launch the best coworkspace for small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs of all types.

We're more than just an office. 


Supporting the launch and growth of your business is our business. This means working with you to meet your immediate and longer terms needs. This may include space to work, meet, and host events. It may also mean education, collaboration, and recommendation. Our programming will help you put your best foot forward.

Meet Here. Launch Here.



Our Culture.


As a team, we strive for greatness every day. In order to be the best, we rely on collaboration, honesty, and respect. Launch's team foundation is built upon trust and individual success - by supporting one another, we can push ourselves to greater heights. 


Every day's a learning experience at Launch. From Marketing and Sales to Operations and Events, opportunities for growth are endless. As the needs of our members develop over time, so does your role. The dynamic environment of a growth oriented member will definitely keep you on your toes! 


Whether you're interacting with entrepreneurs aiming to launch their own marketing firm or developers working on the next big app, the ability to soak in a world of knowledge is right at your finger tips. Launch's highly connected community not only benefits the members, but employees as well.

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Community Leader

We are currently hiring a Community Leader to lead the day to day operations of our space and our community. You’re a fit for this role if you enjoy wearing many hats. You’re a details ninja. An event planning maestro. You’re the matchmaker in your social group and people are always coming to you for advice. You’re a tech savvy social media junky who knows the difference between a post and a tag. You multitask like a smartphone and stay on target like a cruise missile. You. Love. People.

The community Leader works within the management team who reports directly to the Managing Partner. As part of the Launch leadership team, everything you do will be in the interest of creating and sustaining an authentic and thriving community and business. 

Application deadline is May 12, 2017.

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