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Here are some recently asked questions and answers. Feel free to contact us with your questions.

Q. How do I join?

A. It's simple, select the membership from our home page that suites your needs and checkout. We're asking you to put your credit card number down because there are a limited number of memberships and we want to ensure you're serious, but we're not charging anyone's card until we get closer to opening (week of January 2nd 2017).

Q1. When are you planning to open?

A. We are min the midst of construction and have a new target open date the week of January 2nd 2017 (UPDATE: Construction delays have forced our opening to later in February). As you know construction can be difficult to predict so we'll do our best to hit our target date and if we discover that we're running behind then you'll be the first to know.

Q2. If we have multiple members on our team, can we pool our hours?

A. We're looking at this and have proposed the following example to one company who has 6 team members:

Our current “Casual Crew Member” package is 30hrs/month for $129…. @ 6 employees would be $774 a month for 180 hrs… we could bundle your hrs as a team if your combined team doesn’t go over 180 hrs.

Again this is just one example and if you have a special request we'd like to hear about it and deal with it on a case by case basis.

Q3. There is seasonality in my business where I foresee using the space more one month and less another month. How would you handle that?

A. We're going to have to look at that on a case by case basis and talk through what is fair and reasonable for you and for the other members. 


Q4: What are going to be the hours? 

A. We're planning to have a fob in/out system that will give you access to the space 24/7. We're also planning to have a "Community Leader" available from 8 am to 5 pm (M-F). If you're interested in the Community Leader role at Launch contact us.


Q5: How are meeting rooms going to be managed?

A. We’re still exploring the ideal way to manage meeting rooms, but our intent today is that any member will have access to the rooms but will be required to book the meeting space through on online booking system on a first come first serve basis (no additional fees to book the room are envisioned at this moment in time). 


Q6.  We are looking for occasional use (space) to complement our existing space.  Would we just do the Hot Desk thing and be billed the $9/hour when we are onsite?

A. Yes you can do that. In terms of the ideal membership for you and your team, you’ll really need to do the math. For instance if you and another team member become hot desk members and meet once a week for 2 hrs then you’ll be spending $144 per month (2 people @ 2 hrs each x 4 weeks + $9 membership per team member). As soon as you get over $129 or then you’ll get way more time value becoming a Casual Crew member.


Q7. Are your membership fees charged monthly?

A. Yes, your memberships fees are billed to your credit card each month. You are free to cancel, downgrade or update your membership at anytime with 30 days written notice.


Q8. We are looking for 3 single office with window and a coherence room. Do you have something available? Is there parking? What is the rent? Could we have a tour?

A. Do you absolutely require “private offices”? I ask because we offer an open office coworking environment that includes traditional task desks, cafe style seating, lounge areas, 4 meeting rooms, 3 phone booths, a nap room, a boardroom, and a presentation area. In additional we’re also including coffee, wine, and beer. Parking is free and we have 20 reserved parking stalls that are a first come first serve basis. We don’t, however, have any private offices at this time.

We are membership based coworking space and it sounds like our part or full time membership might be a good fit for your team. More info here: 
Part Time:
Full Time:
We’ll be open for business the first week in January. 
Finally we would be happy to schedule a tour or call to further discuss your needs. Contact us.


I think that covers the Q & A for now. If you have any other questions please contact us.



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