LAUNCH SCHOOL – Inbound Marketing – Lionel Johnston


5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

1460 Chevrier Blvd, Winnipeg MB, R3T 1Y7

Free of charge

Marketing has changed forever. Customers are more informed than ever and are bombarded with marketing messages every day. In the quest for a customer’s attention, many marketers are attempting to differentiate themselves through Inbound Marketing, or also known by many as Content Marketing.

This is the third of three seminars on inbound marketing and marketing automation. It is an introductory session that will present and discuss current trends around ‘Interruption’ and ‘Inbound’ marketing philosophies. We will touch on the differences between the two and how they can work together. We will also touch on technology, case studies and have a frank discussion to determine if Inbound marketing is right for your business.

This seminar is ideal for those with limited experience with inbound marketing techniques who are considering introducing Inbound practices to their company. Experienced Inbound marketers will also find value in our discussion. Regardless of your experience level, this seminar will be an excellent opportunity to meet fellow marketers and build a community of like-minded folks that want to grow their business through Inbound marketing.


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