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Jason Abbott

Founder: Launch Coworking Space | Oi Furniture | Catapult Consulting Group | Max Evaluations & Analytics

When can you find him at Launch: Daily, although the timing may vary!

Jason Abbott isn’t afraid to start something new — he’s been honing his entrepreneurial streak since he was 16. His latest adventure: Launch Coworking Space.

Launch started as an idea after Jason discovered the coworking movement during a trip to Phoenix, AZ. He hunted around for something comparable in Winnipeg and spotted a gap: ‘Peggers needed a space where entrepreneur-led businesses could come to grow, connect, and make things happen.

Enter Launch. Jason’s vision is an environment that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to collaborate and share what they’ve learned, as well as a cost-efficient way for them to access professional work space and a sense of community.


“Launch is a place where someone can walk through the door with an idea and connect with the right people to build it.”

Jason gets fired up working with other business owners, but he also draws inspiration from two legends:

  • Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, because he’s an exceptional marketer who knows how to get people — and the media — talking.
  • Steve Jobs for his relentless focus on product, and usability in particular, which is at the core of Apple’s marketing.

But Launch isn’t Jason’s first rodeo, or even the only venture he has on the go right now. While working in the local marketing and advertising scene, he helped create Oi Furniture, a modular seating concept—once featured on CBC’s Dragon’s Den—that you can find in schools, libraries, museums, and offices around the world.

He then melded his hands-on knowledge, marketing expertise, and passion for entrepreneurship into Catapult, a consulting group that helps companies get ideas to market — including Max Evaluations and Analytics, an app and analytics platform he cofounded, which streamlines evaluations and report cards for thousands of up-and-coming hockey stars across the country.

As an active partner in Oi, Max Evaluations & Analytics, and Launch, there’s a lot that can keep Jason up at night — from renos and HR, to planning and strategy. Lately, he’s been pondering the best structure to keep each business accelerating effectively and the smartest approach to scaling personnel.

Want to talk shop with Jason? Drop by Launch or send him an email and let him know what’s on your mind.

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